Distribution fleet
A family business at its roots, Abi Ramia Bros has developed into a leader on the market, inspiring trust and confidence through a diverse range of high-end products over two decades of loyal service.

Created during the first quarter of 1975 by six brothers, the Abi Ramia Bros family has expanded to include not only a dedicated team of employees, but also a network of distributors and wholesalers covering the entire Lebanese territory. Thanks to the trust in carefully selected product entries, Abi Ramia Bros is now one of the leading distributors of beer, whiskey, vodka, vodka mix, premium cocktails, wine, champagne, cigarettes, cigars and their accessories.

General Manager

 “Ambition” is the only description I can give for that time back in 1992. Back then, we did not only establish a trading company, but we turned our family unity, our solidarity and love into a work strategy based on trust and honesty. Each one of us has employed his abilities and relations to build a trustworthy trademark among traders, companies and banks. Today, Abi Ramia Bros SARL is a well-known name in Lebanon and neighboring countries.

In the beginning, we worked in the tobacco and cigar trade. We have had several experiences in the Lebanese markets and cooperated with the “Regie Libanaise des Tabacs et Tombacs” on positive and lucrative terms

It is worth mentioning that our cooperation still lasts to date, and has significantly increased, especially with such an exceptional man heading this organization, which now supports the treasury with approximately four hundred million American dollars every year.

Among years, our family began to grow and the company had to expand its business. Ergo, we crossed the seas and flew around the world to transport our goods across the globe from one continent to another. We set foot in Europe, Middle East, America, Africa and Asia. At that time, the ball was in our court and we most frequently won the game. It is true that we stumbled, suffered and survived through many battlefields, asking questions and wondering about what tomorrow might hold, especially in a country that lacks stability suitable for investment. However, we battled the storms, surfed the waves and finally made it! We reached a safe shore to build our own self-stability and security and provide hundreds of job opportunities.


AFNOR certification certifies that the management system implemented by ABI Ramia Bros SARL for the following activities (Import, Stock, Marketing, Sales and Distribution of Tobacco products and Beverages.


Voted product of the year for several brands such as XXL Vodka Mix, XXL Energy and Miller Bear.